Retinal Scanning

A groundbreaking addition to the eye examination that can help in ensuring your overall wellbeing as well as protecting your eye health is now available at our Eastbourne branch. The optomap® Daytona Retinal Exam can image approximately 82% of the back of the eye in one capture compared to less than 5% that can be seen by conventional eye examination techniques.

This exam has assisted in the diagnosis of serious eye conditions (eg diabetic retinopathy, retinal tears/detachments and macular degeneration) that often first exhibit in the periphery of the retina and progress without symptoms. Signs of other medical conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers can also be detected in the retina.

The optomap® Daytona Retinal Exam takes a digital image of the retina, which can be immediately evaluated by the optometrists at our Eastbourne branch and if necessary, emailed any where in the world for a specialist opinion. There is no pupil dilation, no eye drops or blurred vision. This Retinal Exam is a simple, quick and important way to maintain good eye health.

The optomap® Daytona Retinal Exam certainly improves our clinical abilities to detect disease at an earlier stage. This is critical in terms of treatment and monitoring. We recommend that all of our patients have this important new exam as part of their regular eye health check.Nigel Barraclough

Taking only seconds to capture the image, a permanent record is provided for future comparison thus making early detection and treatment more likely. Available and recommended for all ages, including children, it is a comfortable, quick and simple procedure which allows patients to resume normal activity immediately.

Nigel Barraclough believes that people should now add the optomap® Retinal Exam to their ongoing regular visual health care checks. Book your Retinal Scan today.

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