Do you suffer with glare when driving at night?

Spectacles with an anti-reflective coating have been proven to reduce glare when driving in the dark. A standard lens only lets 92% of the light through, (8% is lost by reflection) whereas a lens with an anti-reflective coating lets through 99.5%!!

Research from the Eyecare Trust suggests that 10% of drivers would fail a driving test if they re-took it today, due to poor eyesight. Any problems with the eyesight are exaggerated at night due to the low light conditions providing less information for your eyes to work with.

Drivers who wear glasses are even more at risk when driving at night-time, as they suffer glare and dazzle from streetlights and vehicle headlights. They also need to be wary of scratched or smeared lenses which can impede vision.Debbie Bathgate, Lens Production Manager, Rodenstock UK

A few tips for safer driving at night

  • Make sure your spectacle lenses are clean and not scratched
  • For safe driving at night, it is better to have completely clear lenses rather than any tint
  • If you wear spectacles, make sure that your prescription is kept up-to-date
  • Simply making sure your windscreen is as clean possible inside and out can help to reduce glare from oncoming headlights

We now offer Rodenstock Road lenses, ideally optimised to make driving more comfortable on your eyes. They can also be worn for everyday use.

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